Android Notifications are now accessible on Windows 10 PCS with Anniversary Updates. Microsoft has already brought Cortana, virtual assistant but it is not as much powerful on Android operating Systems as it is on Windows 10 version.

notifications on Android-Mobile

You can receive display notifications about calls and messages on your PC windows 10 version from your mobile device. Microsoft has already been endeavoring to bring unique and unparalleled features to Cortana for Android versions

This is certainly a smart move from Microsoft to bring cross-platform notifications just like Microsoft had introduced Cross platform for Xbox and PC version. Cortana for Xbox platform has already been confirmed and it is much expected that they will bring it with Anniversary updates. Bringing availability of Cortana on Xbox platform will bring integration between integration and it would allow users to access multiple devices from a single device.

Microsoft did not reveal when this enormous improvement will take place on Android, but hopefully they will bring it soon with the Anniversary Update along with other major improvements as promised. Cortana was only available on windows on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Previews but people would find it very soon on a wider range of devices.

The way Microsoft is improving infers that Android would not be the only platform integrate with Cortana, but Microsoft has intended to control every day devices with personal assistant Cortana. We can deduct this conclusion from the fact that Microsoft has already unveiled intentions of bringing Cortana to Home appliances and cars.


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