What are the Difference between window 10 and window 8.1?

Choose your desired operating system. Microsoft has been trying best to fulfill the desire of their user and with the passage of time it is launching different windows operating system. Recently,  it has released windows 10 on July 29, 2015 and almost 110 million devices has installed windows 10.It is free of cost for many people due to free upgrade. However, large number of user are still using windows 8 or 8.1. So here is the difference between window 10 and window 8.1.

Window 10 vs window 8.1

Window 10 is just a big change for windows users .some major changes occur in window 8.1.Window 10’s touch interface is now much more different and more integrated with the desktops.

Difference in prices and availability

Window 8.1 is easily available in market nowadays. If you buy a new laptop or pc or tablet, it will have window’s 8.1 original and the cost is much more for buyers. The standard window 8.1 upgrade licenses will cost you around £79 and window 8.1 for pro license is £189. But can you imagine that you don`t need to pay even a coin for installing original windows 10.Yeah windows 10 is totally free as a free upgrade for existing windows 7 as well as windows 8.1 and also some windows phone users.

Difference in Start menu

Windows-10-vs-Windows-8.1There are much more differences between window 8.1 and window 10. Window 8.1 has start screens on right, with resizable live titles. Anyone can immediately check the calendar appointment as well as unread emails and much more.And here is window 10 start menu.Window 10 start menus include a list of frequently used apps and as well as shortcuts to pc setting. In windows 10 start menu, you can also find the folders of documents and pictures. Moreover, at the bottom there is shortcut button of all apps.

Windows-10-vs-Windows-8.1People comments on window 10

It has been observed that Window 10 is easier to use as compare to window 7 and window 8.1. It has more support options and continued development for the future of windows.it is highly liked because window 10 will be the last full operating system.



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