Today’s discussion is about HyperDrive MacBook Pro storage and it is much more important as it involves how to increase the storage capacity of your Apple MacBook Pro device. In terms of features, durability and stability Apple have served its best to the customers . MacBook Pro is the gadget which is tech savvy as well as known for its best quality in terms of software and hardware. But sometimes we need to expand the storage capacity of the device as per increasing load on the hard drive of the device and sometimes due to increasing in a number of personal files like videos, music, photos, software, games and much more. Apple HyperDrive is designed to serve you this important function that will let you expand the storage capacity of the device as per your need or your demand.


What exactly  MacBook Pro storage expander is…?

  • HyperDrive MacBook storage expander is Micro SD memory adapter that will help you store more on your MacBook.
  • It works in a similar way a card reader would work but with a minor difference that it fits in the port provided below the touchpad of the MacBook and links memory card to the storage shadow copy of the device.
  • You will now see the memory card as a part of the storage thereby increasing the storage capacity of the device.

MacBook Pro


What compatibility does it offer…?

  • Compatible with microSDXC, MicroSDHC and MicroSD HyperDrive fits imperceptibly into your machine without protruding parts that get their way.
  • Keep everything from documents, movies, music and photos to back up from time to time on your machine without spending significant money on cloud storage.
  • Trust me the investment for this product is worth it and will not go in vain.
  • The features that it is giving in minor costs are just impeccable.

MacBook Pro

Features of HyperDrive MacBook Pro storage expander that you must know:

Here are the features of HyperDrive MacBook storage expander that are advantageous in a number of ways as listed below:

  •  It instantly expands your Mac storage for movies, music and more
  •  Get ready to use easily with a system plug-and-play
  •  It supports any microSDHC microSD, and, microSDXC (including 512 GB) Memory Card
  •  Supports high speed Class 10 / UHS-I / U1 / U3 to 95MB / s
  •  It has an aluminium matching MacBook Pro for a smooth finish
  •  Designed with a small slot to facilitate removal
  •  It sits completely flush into the slot for SD memory cards
  •  For MacBook Air and  MacBook Pro 13 inch/15 inch (Non-Retina).


Where to buy HyperDrive MacBook storage expander, is it available online and at what price…?

With so many media, memories and real life activity that go straight to your computer today, you can easily find yourself in a situation running short the storage capacity in a short time. I am sure; upon reading up till now you will be wondering to buy the product but where to buy it..? Here is the answer-it is available online and you can buy it online anywhere from e-shopping websites like amazon, Hypershopstacksocial, Flipkart, Rediff, snapdeal etc. the price of the expander is about 35$ which is quite cheaper to afford.


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