Google Ford teams up to work to build self-driving cars

Technology these days is on high pace. Call it Dream car or a fantasy that drives everyone crazy. Everyone needs the best comfort car that has wide range features and stunning looks. Ford is known to deliver the best quality automobiles. Now, reports have come that shows the team-up of Google with ford to build awesome Self-driving cars. Here is a report that is published in news and rumours are spread about this but the reports are still unconfirmed. Every coin has two faces, let us read what exactly the deal is. Upon reading the article you will get to know everything about Ford and Google tie-up to build autonomous automatic self-driven cars with the advanced intelligent technology with upgraded features. Ford is the company that excels in building automobiles; let’s see what the tie has to offer to its customers.



Report Published in Automotive News:

According to reports, the American automaker Ford Motor Co. has teamed up with Google to develop a new generation of autonomous vehicles. It is expected that the official declaration of the partnership at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on 5 January. A report published in Automotive News cites the deal has been finalized. According to the report, a Google spokesman said that the company would not comment on speculation, but Google officials have confirmed that the company is in discussion with the automakers. Ford set up an independent company which will help in concerns no responsibility for the automaker. The agreement between the two companies would not exclusive. Google has been at the forefront in the field of self-driving car, with your car covering many kilometers in test runs. Know-how for mass production of Ford helps Google to launch the car in a profitable manner. In exchange, Ford will certainly get the best research in the world standalone unit.



The rumors on the other way round:

If Google and Ford do not join the movement this may point that people within Google realized that making a car from scratch was impossible – or at least too costly. Instead of tying up with Ford to make its own pod cars as proved up by the marvelous work of Ford in its cars, it is rather likely that Google just used Ford cars to their own aspirations. In terms of a timeline, if the report is true, you will surely see the fruits of this effort in a few years – if not sooner. This probably will not be the only match Google does with an automobile manufacturer. As it has done with the manufacturers of smartphones, the company could become the brain behind all kinds of self-driving vehicles while leaving the hardware to another.




The basis for the report:

Earlier this year, Google began talks with some of the major manufacturers of automobile in the world and assembled a team of non-traditional and traditional suppliers to accelerate efforts to bring the self-driving car market in 2020. In June, Google began testing self-driving but small prototype vehicles in a bubble of their own in the street around Mountain View. The company has also begun testing prototypes of self-driving in Austin. Google is expected to make the unit self-driving cars, which offer rides to hire an independent company under its parent company, alphabet Inc., next year, reported by Bloomberg earlier. Ford, though lagging behind most competitors, increased its pace of developing self-driving cars earlier this year and said it would expand the advanced safety technology, including automatic braking, allowing hands-free operation of the Car under certain conditions by automating basic functions such as steering, braking, and throttle. This was to be included in their global lineup over the next five years.




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