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Making money online may seem to be an easier task. But, try and believe me, it’s easier than what you think if you are dedicated and talented enough, you can earn unexpectedly as high as 100$ per month. If you can dedicate a bit of your precious time about 2 hours a day, then there is a possibility that you use your skills effectively to monetize what is present in me naturally. In this article, I will make you familiar about the easiest of the ways by which you can pursue your hobbies and talents as well as earning a huge amount of money side by side. Now you can make money.Blogging can help you make out unexpectedly high revenue sitting at home. All you need to do is to put up your creativity and hard work whenever you are writing a blog post for your blog.This is simple way to make money.

What you need to know about Blogging

Off course being a blogger, I would suggest you the same to step up in the part time blogging and experience the power of your writing.

If you think you have the vision and can handle the job of blogging, you can continue this job without hesitation, ALL you need to do is to make sure you are clear in your mind about the niche of your blog. Once you have decided he niche of your blog, all you need to do is to put some extraordinary genuine work on your blog and get the audience attracted towards your blog. Once you build up the audience and compel them to visit again and again on your blog, half of your work is done. Now you need to register with an ad agency that will provide you digital ads that can be put up your website and will pay you for that. Here is a full guide on what you need to do to make money through blogging online.

Skills required to start a successful blog

  1. SEO knowledge.
  2. Basic coding Knowledge.
  3. Good command of English.
  4. Spare time.
  5. Internet Connection

Steps needed to start a successful blog

1. Decide what you are going to blog about:

You just need to pick a popular niche for your blog. It can be education, technology, personal, innovative, personal or images blog. After you have decided the niche think of some innovative title for your blog. Put your creativity at the best level to design a unique title for your blog to generate an impact on the first time viewer.

2. Choose a domain for your blog:

You need to select a domain to make your blog publish on the World Wide Web (www) so that it is visible to the entire world.

3. Choose a blogging platform:

Blogger, word press is the popular blogging sites that provide all the essential services to your blog.

4. Start your blog by buying and activating the domain:

There is a simple rule you need to pay what for what you are offered the services, so the domain provider will ask you to pay a small fee of $8 to $10 per year. Same is the case for WordPress, they will charge you for premium services but basic services are usually free. Blogger by is completely free but can discontinue your service anytime.

5. Design your blog with innovative themes that are attractive enough to gather attention of the audience:

The theme will ultimately attract the visitors. Choose a theme that is not that messy theme, indeed, try to choose a theme that is elegant, simple and static.

6. You are going to hit it or miss it…

Give your best to the blog design and nobody will stop you then on making high loads of profits… Hope that you like the article on how to use blogging to earn some extra bucks online. If you have any feedback you can contact us. If you have something interesting to add to this article please comment below and make us feel delighted by your active presence on the blog.
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