No doubt everyone wish for best smartphone therefore different companies are competing each other to provide best smartphones for the User. Apple and Samsung are mostly popular around the world for their best smartphones. However, there are many other companies who are looking forward for their future where they can get hold in smartphones market and make smartphones that could be better than IPhone and Samsung.




During newspaper interview, the top executive of Huawei said that the Chinese electronic Huawei is one of the company that is competing in making smartphones and thus it hopes to become the world`s leading smartphone makers and overtake Apple and Samsung in three to four years.


When asked that whether Huawei was satisfied in being its current popularity and number three, the Huawei`s consumer devices chief, Mr. Richard Yu replied “No. Huawei is trying to move to number two and then number one very quickly. And thus we will be world leader in making smartphones.”


He also said the revenues is increasing day by day and the end of 2015, it rose to 35 percent which is largely due to the sale of Huawei`s  smartphones.”


This week during the consumer Electronics show happened in Las Vegas in which Huawei has unveiled its new flagship smartphone called Mate 8.

It is true that Apple is the market leader.  Mr. Richard Yu said that Samsung was the biggest rival in intermediate term and Apple was in the longer term. Huawei plan to sell more devices than Samsung on the Chinese market to raise the revenue and get second number.




However, if we see Samsung and Apple they are market leaders and very popular for their smartphone. Huawei must introduce smartphone that either can have some unique features or give good looking shape. But it also depends upon users who may either opt for features, style or prices.





















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