No matter how much proficient in terms of technology this world is becoming,Smartphones, nowadays, are not known for their high battery potential. Gone are the days when battery life used to last for 3 to 4 days after just 8 hours of charging. A lot of smartphone users are struggling for the high battery life. Even the tips and tricks that are posted on several websites do help sometimes but not as much as needed. The smartphones have to provide a good battery life along with numerous features offered. Even my experience with apple was very poor regarding the battery life. I always had to carry a portable charger with me so that I can cope up with the increasing battery demands of my apple Iphone. Every smartphone is tagged with the same issue but Apple’s iPhone’s battery is somewhere below the par. Yes, battery life of smartphones can last longer than expected but even that is sometimes not sufficient in the high pace and high tech world.

Apple also was worried for the destructive reviews about the battery life of its iPhone. It continued to work on to find a solution for the issue and finally come up with a solution. Now, there is very good news for the apple users. To help with the issue, Apple is now ready with the new Mophie battery case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S and has unveiled its own smart battery case that will add extra battery life with continued usage. Apple has worked out on the battery issue and put all its efforts to invest in a technology using that Apple developed its new battery case that is believed to extend its battery life by 25 hours.if you want buy Apple Battery Case

mophie battery case

What the Apple’s official 25-Hour Mophie Battery Case promises:

The battery case promises different levels of hours to be extended under differentiated conditions. If you prefer to use internet more the battery case can extend the battery life of the iPhone for 8 hours of continuous internet usage, if you prefer to talk a lot on phone, the battery case can extend up to 25 hours of talk time on the phone, if you prefer to watch videos or movies it can extend battery up to 18 hours of video. The status of the Mophie battery case will be displayed on the notification center of your phone and on the lock screen so you know when to charge.

mophie battery case

What is the price: Is it too high to afford:

Apple is known for the costlier smartphones ever. The Mophie battery case as the expectation reveals that this battery case is going to be too much costlier but it is not the fact. However, as a matter of fact this battery case is made available to the users at an affordable cost of $99-$100 (USD) Apple Store . If you are already aspiring to buy it, go ahead, do not waste your precious time anymore hassling for the battery life, and go buy it. I am sure if you give it a try you will get considerable increase your battery life. For iPhone 6 and 6+ users it is a precious gift by apple.


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