Samsung S Console Game-pad



 Samsung launched a new application that accurately to the needs of gamer’s whose buy the galaxy smartphones. The important thing is it allows users to convert their display into virtual gamepads. The S console gamepad work one after another with the huge screen galaxy view tablets and it will help the user to get a better experience from the helpful screen of the Samsung tablets.

This application gives as six customizable gamepad templates that increases the way in which you play a different category of art, music or literature from racing to role play games.

It is user control that it can move the buttons, the way they like and create individual layouts for the controllers. The Samsung application works with more than 100 favored or well liked games and is easy to start and enjoying them. Simply download the application and turn-on your Bluetooth and start playing the games as your choice.

As a remember, the galaxy view offers a screen with 1080 pixel resolution and 18.4 inch diagonal and its dimensions are 177x108x4.6 inch and its weight is 5 pounds. Behind the display sits an eight-core EXGNOS(series of ARM-based system-on-chips)7580 chips running at 1.64GHz which is supported by 2 GB of RAM. The battery life time is 8 hours means you should play a while without use of power charger.


S console-gamepad

There is also a microSD slot that permitted you to extend 32 GB of default storage memory. The galaxy is the largest tablet and as well as it’s the high price slate too. The selling point is $550 and for investor and buyers could buy a portable tablets and a small TVs.

The main Issue is that the Samsung galaxy restricted the S console gamepad compatibility only for handsets, as the Android market is a larger place.

Another dissatisfactory element is that Pakistan did not provide a list of games that can be enjoyed by using the S Console Game-pad –


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