Do you know the major complaint about Windows 10?



Which operating system are you using? Do you know about operating system window 10?

Of course people are upgrading their operating system and thus shifting to experience new features of Windows operating system. Microsoft has launched windows 10 on 29th July 2015 and thus almost everyone waited anxiously to install it.  According to some statistics, the number of users of windows 10 reached to 110 million since it has been launched. Although more and more users are installing windows 10 day by day, however there are also some complaints about window 10. As more updates are added so it will probably create massive difficulties for many users. Recently Update 1511, which came out in November, is a serious problem for some MacBook users after they experienced issues with their Wi-Fi connection. Before the update, their Wi-Fi connection worked well, but after update 1511, there are having issues with Wi-Fi connectivity.











There is one user who is facing this issue of Wi Fi and thus he opened a complaint on Microsoft Answers in order to find a proper solution to this problem. Windows-10The user says that after update 1511, his Wi-Fi connection automatically drops for around every five to 10 minutes. When Wi-Fi connection is dropped, computer loses signal and never comes back and then you have to reboot. This Wi-Fi connectivity issue happens all over again. There is nothing to permanently fix it however troubleshooting it temporarily fixes Wi-Fi connection.

There is another problem that users have experienced is that Web has a lot to do with a recent patch released to Windows 10 by Microsoft. No one knows completely that what the patch is supposed to fix, however it is the fact that some users are not able to get it to install on their systems.

Users are experiencing many problems but they are constantly complaining to let Microsoft personnel know this issue and fix it as soon as possible.


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